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Old Friends Meet: A relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere dominates in Victoria on the island of Gozo, Malta.
His World is His Oyster: A Cornish oyster fisherman keeps his eye on a landmark to make sure his 150-year-old gaff-rigged working boat stays on the right heading. Falmouth Harbour is the only oyster fishery in the world that forbids the use of engines in harvesting its oysters. The River Fal, Cornwall, United Kingdom. 
Living on the Channel: A young fisherman bails out his boat after a day of fishing on lake Edward. A few meters away a herd of Cape Buffalo graze. The people of this Kazinga Channel vilage live side by side with some of the most cantankerous animals in Africa. The walk from their village on the hill to the boats below on the channel involves clossing a grassland full of animals, many of whom are ready to stomp of or eat hapless passers by. Kazinga Uganda.
Florentine Style: The lights from the inner courtyard of this palazzo beckon the passerby to stop and dream of the brightly lit space beyond the wrought iron gates. Florence, Italy.
Burning Mist: The sun clears the trees in the early morning on the eastern shore of Lake Starnberg and starts to burn off the winter mists. 
Don't Panic: Sit down relax and whatever you do don't look and the shop sign above your head. The sleepy Valletta streets on a hot Summer evening. 
On Golden Pond: Welcome back to the 1950s and a land that seems has missed the commercialization of modern day America. Forked Lake in the Adirondacks.
Perfect Take Off: A Great Egret lifts off from a tree stump on a southern Ugandan waterway. Standing a meter tall with a wingspan of over 1,5 meters this is a very impresive creature when caught in flght.
Limpopo Sunset: "If you are quiet," says Edward Maluleke, "you can hear the nyala antelope's barking call in the distance." Pafuri in the northernmost region of Kruger National Park, South Africa.
Time to Make Camp: Bedouin guides and their guests congregate in one of the loveliest spots in the desert, all eager to see the sun  hover for a few moments and then plummet like a pebble plopping into a lake. Wadi Rum, Jordan
06:45 on Dune 45: The sun peeks out between clouds as we climb Dune 45 in Sossusvlei, Namibia.
Sun and Spirit All Rise: Reaching the top of a large sand dune is an uplifting experience, especially when carrying 15 kilos of camera equipment. Sossusvlei, Namibia.
On Your Skates: As a little girl, Agatha Christie would zip up and down the pier in Torquay, Devon. 
Home, Sweet Home: Troubled early morning skies above Antdorf in Bavaria. 
Forgot to Check the Oil: This old truck has seen better days, but due to the arid enviroment, it will continue to be a landmark for years to come. Ai-Ais National Park, Namibia.
Can It Get Any Colder?: Moscow's Red Square without tourists? No wonder it's 1 a.m. and -20°C. 
Grandpa, Did You Lock the Buggy?: An Amish family gazes in wonder as Old Faithful erupts, almost on time. This picture was taken recently and not in 1870 when Washburn first discovered the geyser steaming away in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park.
Tiny Place of Worship: So many Southern Bavarian hiltops are adorned with little chapels like this one close to Murnau.
Perfect Runabout for a Fisherman: A seaplane waits for new passengers and their fishing gear. Long Lake, NY.
Welcome to My Humble Abode: An ice cave dug out under a railway bridge provides a welcome break from the bitter cold outside. Finse, Norway.
Ambition: Two young male zebra fight to become leader of the herd. Phalaborwa, South Africa.   
Reeds: On the shore of Lake Starnberg, these reeded areas provide much-needed nesting sites for water birds. Free of people, it becomes a twittering paradise towards sunset. 
Indian Summer: October days are almost perfect. The only sign that the season is changing is that the fog hangs around longer in the mornings and the golden leaves everywhere you look. Deggerndorf near Münsing, Bavaria 
No Trains Today: Garub railway station in the lonely desert near Aus in Namibia
Ugandan Kob Antelope: Ever wary for the approch of the tree climbing lions of the Ishasa Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park they stick together in big herds hoping to confuse the lions. 
Ishasa Sector Uganda. 
Johannifeuer:  On or around the 23rd of June, Bavarians take to hills to celebrate St John's Eve. Usually the brass band plays until hushed by the lighting of a giant bonfire which burns until late into the night. Münsing, Bavaria
When in Rome: Street soccer on the square in front of one of Rome's beautiful churches.
Manhattan Transfer: The sun goes down as the Manhattan Bridge lights up, still carrying its heavy payload of commuters leaving the city.
Shepherd's delight?: The summer nears its close and the sheep drive over the 3000m glaciated Niederjoch Pass  between Austria and Italy begins. The only way lambs born late in the season can survive this gruelling journey is 
to be carried in a special basket. The shepherd must keep calling to the ewes to make sure they stay close and keep their maternal bonds strong. 
Sunrise Rainbow: Giant natural amphitheaters of colorful sandstone glow in the early morning light. Bryce Canyon, Utah. 
Dinner on the Wind: A lioness scents the air to keep herself apprised of nearby intruders, prey or tourists. Etosha National Park, Namibia. 
A Maze of Light: A complicated play of color as sunlight penetrates the depths of the slot canyon and illuminates the layered red sandstone. Antelope Canyon, Arizona.
Oceans of Sand: A lone hiker makes his way across the clay pan of Deadvlei. Once a valley of living trees, the river's course was blocked by shifting dunes between 500-900 years ago. A few hundred years more, and the trees will fossilize. Sossusvlei, Namibia.
Rushegura's New Boss: This young silverback mountain gorilla has had to assume his duty as leader early. The Rushegura family of mountain gorillas in Biwindi National Part have recently lost their silverback. The next in line and most senior male must be ready to put all he has learnd into action and take over as Silverback.
Biwindi National Part Southern Ugranda.
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